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Design Work

Elegant Entrances

Foyers and entrances set the tone for when guests arrive.  The look set here should carry through the rest of your living space.  Dramatic or understated, simple or elaborate, these spaces are as important as the other rooms as they are the first impression of your home.


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Beautiful Surroundings

Great room.  Family room.  Living room.  Home office.  Rooms to gather and socialize or hunker down and work.  Places for family, friends and business associates.  Formal or casual, contemporary or traditional, these rooms - that we spend so much of our lives in - should draw you in and capture your heart with their inviting nature.

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Gracious Dining

Dining rooms, whether formal or casual, create a nourishing space for both body and soul - a warm, welcoming room for family and friends.  Whatever your dining style - from linen napkins to potluck or takeout, from formal dining to eat-in kitchen - the dining room should be an inviting space to gather and break bread.


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Relaxing Retreats


Today's bedrooms - whether master, second, getaway or guest - are so much more than a place to sleep.  A beautiful bed and nightstand, sumptuous bedding, a cozy chair and lamp to curl up in - these things imbue the bedroom with the feeling of a comforting retreat, a welcome place to withdraw and close the world out, night or day.


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